The PSV Circle Photo Service
Monthly Offers

  • January 2018

    757 photos in 9 sub-albums

    We have four black & white and five colour sets on offer this month.

    Click here for an order form.

    You can order by sending an s.a.e. to the address below or an e-mail to Alistair Douglas Orders received by email can be processed but, unfortunately, payment by post is still required.

    6” x 4” prints from any of these sets cost 50p each for orders of 1-19, 48p for 20-49 or 45p for 50 or more, plus, irrespective of size of order, £1.30 towards p&p.

    Cheques, &c., should be crossed and made payable to “PSV Circle”. The closing date for receipt of orders is 31st January. Requests for lists and order forms must be made in good time to ensure that they can be returned in time. Prints are normally despatched within 3 weeks of the closing date.

    Orders and remittances must be sent to: Alistair Douglas of 56 Townhead Street, STRATHAVEN ML10 6DH.